1) Press releases [selected]

"NASA Pinpoints Causes of 2011 Arctic Ozone Hole", Mar. 11, 2013 [link]

"NASA's Aquarius Sees Salty Shifts", Feb. 27, 2013 [link]

"Arctic Sea Ice Hits Smallest Extent In Satellite Era", Sept. 19, 2012 [link]

"Summer Storm Spins Over Arctic", Aug. 9, 2012 [link]

"Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt", Jul. 24, 2012 [link

"NASA's Ocean Salinity Pathfinder Celebrates its First Year in Orbit", Jun. 11, 2012 [link]

"NASA Discovers Unprecedented Blooms of Ocean Plant Life", Jun. 7, 2012 [link]

"NASA Finds Sea Ice Driving Arctic Air Pollutants", Mar. 1, 2012 [link]

"NASA Finds Thicker Parts of Arctic Ice Cap Melting Faster", Feb. 29, 2012 [link]

"International Team to Drill Beneath Massive Antarctic Ice Shelf", Nov. 9, 2011 [link

2) Web features [selected]

"Opposite Behaviors? Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks, Antarctic Grows", Oct. 23, 2012 [link]

"Stalled weather Systems More Frequent In Decades of Warmer Atlantic", Nov. 3, 2011 [link]

3) Blog posts [selected]

"Pine Island Glacier: A Quest to Understand Ice Loss", Nov. 10, 2011 [link]

2012 Arctic Operation Ice Bridge Campaign blog (Spanish), April 2012 [link]

American Geophysical Union

1) Press releases (selected):

"Ancient trash heaps gave rise to Everglades tree islands", Mar. 21, 2011 [link]

"New drought record from long-lived Mexican trees may illuminate fates of past civilizations", Feb. 3, 2011 [link]

"Staggering tree loss from 2005 Amazon storm", Jul. 12, 2010 [link]

"Discovered after 40 years: Moon dust hazard influenced by Sun's elevation," Apr. 17, 2009 [link]

"Wenchuan earthquake mudslides emit greenhouse gas", Mar. 2, 2009 [link] A Chinese version of this press release is available here

"Global warming may delay recovery of stratospheric ozone", Feb. 4, 2009 [link]

2) Blog posts (selected):

"Scientists: Don‘t ask what Hollywood can do for you. Ask what you can do for Hollywood", Jul. 8, 2010 [link]

"Although we’re pretty good at saying when an eruption will start, we’re not so good at saying when it’s going to end", Apr. 16, 2010 [link]

"Welcome to The Plainspoken Scientist", Mar. 19, 2010  [link]

"A hectic weekend at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center", Mar. 2, 2010 [link]

The Chronicle of Higher Education

 1) In "The Faculty" section:

"High Fuel Costs May Freeze Polar and Marine Research", Aug. 1, 2008 [link]

"Despite Protests, U of Toronto Closes Observatory", Jul. 25, 2008 [link]

2) In other sections (selected stories):

"Planting The Food Chain Firmly In The Garden," Oct. 17, 2008 [link]

"Medical Wiki Backed by Prominent Colleges Will Go Live by Year's End", Sep. 5, 2008 [link]

"Heavenly Honor For Johns Hopkins,"  Aug. 15, 2008 [link]

"Stanford Researcher, Accused of Conflicts, Steps Down As NIH Principal Investigator," Aug. 1, 2008 [link]

"Data Don't Support Perceived Gender Gap In Math, Researchers Say," Jul. 25, 2008 [link]

"Chop-Chop Chameleon", Jul. 25, 2008 [link]

"We Don't Serve Your Kind", Jul. 11, 2008 [link

"Playing the Science Game", Jul. 4, 2008 [link]

"Founder of Bioethics Journal Leaves Leadership Post", Jun. 27, 2008 [link]

"House Panel Approves 14-percent Increase for NSF", Jun. 12, 2008 [link]

3) In the "Wired Campus" blog (selected blog entries):

"Our Brains Attribute Human Qualities to Humanoid Machines", Jul. 9, 2008 [link

"The Sound of Colors", Jun. 23, 2008 [link]

"3 Mathematics Associations Caution Against Overreliance on Impact factor", Jun. 20, 2008 [link]

"The Battle Between Web 2.0 and the Classroom", Jun. 18, 2008 [link]

"Dartmouth Tries To Tighten Wireless Security", Jun. 11, 2008 [link]


"The green movement has to become a rainbow-colored movement in order to be successful," Jun. 23, 2008 [link]

"High-tech collars to reveal the secretive behavior of mountain lions", May 28, 2008 [link]


"Together Better than Alone: Network of Wind Farms Can Generate Smoother Power Supply", Dec. 7, 2007 [link]


1) In the "Gallery" section:

"From physics to architecture" [link]
"Arrows of time" [link]

2) In the features section:

"Donors dream big" [link]

Stanford Report

"Physicist John Harris to deliver Hofstadter Lecture on origin of hot 'quark soup'," Apr. 25, 2007 [link]

"Ancient Malindi coral reef tells story of soil erosion in Kenya," Apr. 11, 2007 [link]

"High schoolers go on cross-country trip to learn about the civil rights movement," Apr. 11, 2007 [link]

"Researchers create artificial enzyme that mimics the body's internal engine," Mar. 23, 2007 [link]

"Global effort to provide poorest with basic sanitation slow going," Mar. 13, 2007 [link]

"Cellulosic ethanol: Fuel of the future?" Mar. 7, 2007 [link]

"Mobile communication devices may be pocket-size persuaders in next 10 years," Mar. 2, 2007 [link]

"Aerosol pollution slows winds, reduces rainfall", Jan. 19, 2007 [link]

Biomedical Computation Review

 "A Fast Lane Through The Stomach", Winter 20006 [link]

SLAC Today (selected stories)

"Mapping the Digital Divide", May 30, 2007 [link]

"GLAST: The Challenge of Too Much New Data", May 21, 2007 [link]

"Celebrating Sixty Years of Accelerated Electrons", May 16, 2007 [link]

"SLAC and CERN Collaborate in Testing a New Accelerator", May 8, 2007 [link]

"Zebra Fish in the Mineshaft: Understanding Mercury Toxicity", Apr. 19, 2007 [link]

Science Notes

"Condors: A Modern Phoenix," July 2007 [link]

The Salinas Californian (selected stories)

"Varian spurs oak revival", Mar. 1, 2008

"SVMH needs quake bond", Feb. 29, 2008

"Farm life soothes veteran", Feb. 11, 2008

"Friends pick up torch for fallen cycle fan", Feb. 11, 2008

"Ag water purifier tested", Feb. 7, 2008

"Dardins lend a helping tool", Feb. 1, 2008

"Food-safety bills stack up", Jan. 24, 2008

"Kerns is still on the job at 89," Jan. 15, 2008


Santa Cruz Sentinel (selected stories)

"Thanksgiving seen through a Spanish lens", Nov. 24, 2006

"UCSC astronomer applauds Hubble decision", Nov. 6, 2006

"Open pipe causes foul odor in S.C water supplies", Oct. 31, 2006

"The return of the Thunderbird: Book details efforts to save condor", Oct. 29, 2006

"Santa Cruz man continues Halloween tradition of giving", Oct. 26, 2007

"Spot a planet", Oct. 12, 2006

"Fall weather boosts need for homeless services", Oct. 5, 2006

"Sward's poetry given dramatic reading", Sept. 24, 2006