Presentations & workshops

"Communicating science in a digital wold: Why scientists and press
officers should be online"
Maria-José Viñas
"Challenges and opportunities in communicating science to the public": a two-day workshop organized by the Inter-American Network of Academies of Science in Buenos Aires, Argentina (November 2011)
(Guest speaker, invited by the National Academies of Science)

"Communicating science in a changing media landscape"
Maria-José Viñas
Stearns Colloquium Series, Wesleyan University (October 2011)

"Creating science stories"
Maria-José Viñas
Science in the Radio, Wesleyan University (October 2011)

"How can PIOs engage online communities to promote science?"
Maria-José Viñas
2011 DCSWA Professional Development Day

"Blogging networks and the emerging science communications ecosystem"
A. Millikan; B. Mossop; B. Zivkovic; SciCurious; A. Zeeberg; L. Woodley, M. Robbins;, A. Thaler; M. Hahnel; C. McClain; B. Krueger; R. Pepling; A. Jha; L. Taylor; R. P. Grant; M. J. Vinas; E. Amsen.
ScienceOnline2011, Raleigh, NC

A round-table with editors and community managers of blogging networks and big group-blogs in "hot seats", audience asks questions, gives suggestions, criticisms, etc. What's the (changing) role of an online editor on a site aggregating independent blogs? "Merely" a bloggers' assistant for bug fixes and spam busting or a signposter to content, online marketer, creator of community or what? How closely do you monitor your community's behaviour? Do you know visit times/bounce rates/preferred pages for all your archive and how easy is it to predict what will be "good" (high traffic?) content? Do you encourage "basics posts" and "explainers"? Do you worry if posts are not "newsy" enough?

"Fostering science communication via direct outreach by scientists"
M. Viñas; P. L. Weiss; K. O’Neil; R. M. Richardson
2010 AGU Fall Meeting. San Francisco, CA

Abstract: While the bread-and-butter of the press operation at the American Geophysical Union remains issuing press releases and organizing press conferences for mainstream media, the implosion of specialized science coverage in print media, TV, and radio, and the heated public debates on science issues require us to find other ways to get science and scientists into the public eye. This means getting volunteers−-small armies of scientists interested in and able to communicate with the public. At AGU, we have three programs to foster direct communication between scientists and the public: (1) A suite of blogs launched in Fall 2010, written by external Earth and space science bloggers for an audience of scientists and lay public. We will report on whom the bloggers are, their motivations, who makes up their audiences, what incentives AGU uses to encourage them to participate in this project, blog network traffic, and resources needed to support them. (2) "The Plainspoken Scientist", a science communication-oriented blog for an audience of scientists, was launched in spring 2010 and is a mixture of guest posts and in-house articles. We will report on the response to and effects of the science communication blog, how we obtain and use guest posts from volunteers, and traffic. (3) We began professional development workshops at scientific meetings in spring 2009 to help scientists brush up on how to communicate with the media and the public. We will report on the motivations and interests of the participants in the professional development workshops, impacts, and the lessons we have learned about how to provide useful workshops. 

Workshops (organizer and presenter) 

2011 AGU Fall Meeting
- Communicating Your Science: Panel and Workshops (I was involved in the early organization of this one-day session)

2011 Chapman Conference on Climates, Past Landscapes, and Civilizations
- How Journalists Work and How Scientists Can (Successfully) Cooperate With Them
- Online Outreach to the Public: Using Social Media to Communicate Science
- Talking Science

2010 AGU Fall Meeting
- Science Communication 101 Workshop
- Blog About It! workshop

2010 AGU Meeting of the Americas
- Science Communication 101 Workshop 

2009 AGU Fall Meeting
- Communicating Your Science Workshop

2009 AGU Joint Assembly
- Communicating Your Science Workshops